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Complete Landscape Solutions are turf and ready lawn specialists. We source the highest quality turf and ensure it’s laid correctly for a professional and lasting finish.

It’s no secret that the perfect lawn can transform your property. But getting the perfect lawn can be difficult. Having a great lawn means getting the foundations right. By investing in quality soil, grass, irrigation and fertilisers you’re creating a healthy base that will continue to nourish your lawn as it grows and matures.

We work with you to understand how you will use your lawn, and select the grass best suited to your needs. Using high quality soils and soil additives ensure that your lawn sustains growth, remaining lush and healthy.

There are many different varietals of grass available, each with a unique look and durability. From fine, delicate blades, through to thick and durable, our teams can advise which will bring to life your vision and work best with your property and climate.

To keep your lawn looking great, we provide irrigation services. We install water-wise irrigation systems for your lawn and garden beds to keep your lawn and garden watered and healthy. Additionally, irrigation systems ensure your garden is watered even if you’re not there to do so. Whether you’re away from home or your have a large garden, irrigations systems can be automated to water your gardens on a timer.

Complete Landscape Solutions offer a free advice service for lawns and gardens as timing can be critical when applying fertilisers and treating pests and disease. Our team make sure your landscaped garden and lawns looking great when they’re created and for years after.

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