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Our garden planting specialists will completely change your garden by using modern and easy to maintain planting arrangements.

We ensure we use only the best plants that will flourish with their natural surrounding and climates.

Our planting experts understands the correct soil mixes and additives are the foundation to healthy gardens, and invest in premium fertilisers to ensure plants stay healthy long after planting. When planting is complete, we top our garden beds with quality mulches which helps maintain moisture levels and protects the bare soil from direct sunlight.

We always provide advice on maintenance of the landscaped garden beds, ensuring your plants stay healthy and looking great. In fact, the right garden will bring your home to life. We know how to add colour and texture by using the right plants and foliage to create a lasting and easy-to-maintain garden.

Understanding which plants to use for the climate and that will visually compliment your house and landscape are key to creating a lasting garden that you’ll love. With over 18 years of experience, Dan and the team at Complete Landscaping Specialists will deliver a high quality, modern and lasting garden for you.

View recent projects from our garden planting specialists below, or contact our team today to transform your outdoor living area.



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