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Welcome to Complete Landscape Solutions. What can we do for you?

With over 18 years’ experience in the landscape industry, Complete Landscape Solutions can provide a design concept working within the limitations of any garden, using modern landscape trends and materials to create relaxing outdoor spaces resulting in a landscaped garden that you will love to spend time in and show off to your visitors.

We use a combination of specially selected plants with contrasting foliage to create structure and depth in your garden. We will source the best quality plants, soils, and additives to ensure that your garden does not only look good from the day it’s finished, but for the years to come.

Complete Landscape Solutions delivers quality landscape gardens to suit any client’s budget.

Working closely with you to ensure that your landscaping solutions are meet with  quality landscape construction from building timber or stone retaining walls, laying paved or concrete driveways, paths and entertaining areas or building water features  that will  enhance your swimming pool.

Landscape designer Auckland
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